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Assignment for the State of the Union Address

American Government                                                                                                                                 Name : _____________

State of the Unions Address 2014                                                                                            Date: ______________

Mr. Simpson

For over 200 years, it has been the President’s Constitutional duty (article 2 Section 3) to “From time to time give the Congress information on the state of the union.” On Tuesday January 28th , he did just that

Assignment: (3parts)

Write an Essay in which you include the following:

I.        Major and significant point the President Made in relation to:    ( 7/8) 45 Points

1)      Economy                                             5) health Care

2)      Education                                            6)Government Spending

3)      Partisanship                                       7)National Security/ Troops

4)      Clean Energy                                     8) Global Community

II.      An analysis of the President’s Speech in which you address:  ( 25 Points)

a.       Specific Proposals (4) for legislation on which President Obama wants Congress to Act. “I Urge you to…, Please Support …’ I ask you to make …, so let us work together…”

b.      Achievements:  the president claimed to have made during this last year he’s been in Office (health care, Stimulus Bill, ext.)  

c.       the republican Response: write about the republican hopeful plan for the future that Congresswoman Cathy McMoriss of Washington discusses: 

III.    Your assessment as to the State of the Union and the President’s View of it.  (5points)


         Your essay may be Hand-Written and Double Spaced. No Length Requirement, but could easily be three pages. You may also type the paper and turn it in double spaced as well.

         Each major/Significant point (Content Headings: I: 1-8, II: a-c, and III, must be in a heading above the paragraph in which you discuss the topic. For Example, if you choose to discuss education you will have Education as one of your headings above what you write about. If you fail to have Headings above each point Discussed, you will automatically have 30 points Deducted  from your total.

         You must summarize in your own words when describing major and significant points or any other item in this assignment. Any Direct quotes you use from the speech must used with “ “quotation marks”

         Plagiarism on this assignment will earn you a zero

         This project is due Monday February 10th, at 8:26 a.m.

         This is worth 75 points!

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