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Remember all other Class work must be compleated to get extra credit

Global Studies Options
       - all of the following can be done to get extra credit in class if all other work is turned in.  

Mini Report

Triage Essay: Triage:is the process of determining the priority of patients' treatments based on the severity of their condition. write a three paragraph essay adreesing the following:
1) What is Traige and how is it used in the medical world
2) could this term be used in your education relating to grades
3) What did you learn from writting the first two paragraphs and how will it affect your high school carrer.
- 20 Points

Go to at the link above and play at least a level 2 game for the geographical region we are currently studying. when finished print your score and turn in with your name. ( 5 points per game)

Government and American Studies

Political Cartoon: 5 points
Find a Political Cartoon from the news paper or internet, turn in the political cartoon along with a paragraph (atleast 6 sentences) explaining what the cartoon represents and how it relates to something we have studied this quarter 

Current Event Article: 10 points.
find a news paper or internet article relating to something we are currently studying or talking about in class. sumerize that article, and explain how it relates to what we have been discussing. (6-10 sentenses)  Be sure to include a copy of the article.

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Extra credit