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Here is a rundown of the Project


Mr. Simpson                                                         

World Cultures                                                                                                                     

Unit 2 Africa

African Website Project


Directions:      for this project, you will be selecting an African Country and creating a website displaying information about it. You may use any website you wish to accomplish this, some recommended sites are:, and

-          Your website must include the following information each heading having it’s own page. Each page should include some type of media, as well as links showing where info came from.

Location:        Give the absolute location of your countries Capital and relative location of your country. Include a picture of Africa with your country outlined and labeled. As well as 2 maps of your country, one physical and one with political features. What is the total area of your country in square miles?

Climate:          Identify the type of climate and its characteristics. Give specifics such as precipitation, temperature… Complete a climograph for your capital city.

Human:           Label the capital on your location map along with its population. Label any disputes that are currently taking place in your country, if there are none, specify the last to take place. When did your country gain independence? And who did they gain it from? List the major tourist attractions. What is the major ethic group and its percentage?

Lifestyle:         What are the chief economic activities of your country? Describe its land use. What is your country’s population density? What is the infant mortality rate? What is the major language of your country?

Wealth:           What is the life expectancy for both male and female? What is the literacy rate of your country? What is the per capita GDP? List their two major exports and imports. Does this country have a deficit or surplus? How much?

Misc:               - Be sure to have a title page,

-          Media and Video are Welcome

-          Due Monday: February 24th           


This project should be interactive, the more on the web page the better!

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