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Day 1 Assignment

What is government to me?


Write a 2-3 Page paper answering these question for yourself.


What are your thoughts for Government:

1.    National

2.    State

3.    Local

What is each? & How does Government  affect you?

Also, what do you feel is the biggest issue facing our next president in 2013?

Due Next Tuesday (September 11th)
Typed Double Spaced,
Times New Roman Size 12 font.
Be sure your paper includes an introduction, body, conclusion & transition sentences.
This is an opinion paper so sources will not be needed, but be sure content is serious and school appropriate.
you will be graded on writing style, and grammar as well as content
25 Points  (15 points deducted for late papers)
Students who E-mail me an attached copy of thier paper by the due date will recieve 5 points extra credit.

any other questions please contact mr. Simpson

Griswold High School
Government, American Studies, World Cultures, PE.

Extra credit