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Itinerary Instructions

Now that you have Chosen your three European Countries to visit the next part of your trip plans will be to create a trip Itinerary. This Itinerary will list out what you will be doing day by day to help your organize your plans. It should include every major event from your take off from America to your arrival back in the States. 

         Your  Itinerary should look like an outline for a paper.  Its needs to have the

o        Day

o         Country,

          Time of day – and event for that time of day,

         See the Example Below

Day 1:

Portland, United States to London,  England


o        Leave PDX for flight to London, England ( Round Trip Ticket $1,400)(1150 British Pounds)


o        Be on a plane


o        Arrive in London England, Check into Mother England Resort and Golf Club 

Day 2:

London, England

         Morning :

o        Historical # 1:  Take a tour of the west wing of Buckingham Palace


o        Human # 1: Take a tour of Big Ben Bell Tower


o        Physical # 1: Take a boat tour of the Seine River under the lights of the London Bridge  

o        Dinner :   ate Fish and Chips, at  the old waterfront restaurant 

Day 3:

London, England


o        Human # 2: walking tour of the Tower Bridge

This is an Example of what your Itinerary should look like.

         Be sure to include all sites you are going to see for each country, (Human, Physical, & Historical)

         Also include possible hotels you will be staying at, Restaurants, you may eat at, and travel arrangements

         Further details of each location are not needed at this time, but will be incorporated in your Journal.

         Remember  DUE Monday April 14th

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