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4th Quarter Project

European Tour Project

For the fourth Quarter of Global Studies we will be working on a project involving heavy amounts of research, and a variety of technology. Lucky you, you get to go on an all expense paid vacation to Europe.  For this trip, there will be several requirements. 

            1) You must travel to three countries                         (Due April 5th) 

            2) at each country will you have to visit several sites (itinerary)  

                        - 3 Human Characteristics,                 (Rough Draft Due April 14th)

                        - 2 Physical Characteristics,               (Final Due April 22nd )

                        - 1 Historical site.

                        - A restaurant to have a local dish, 

            3) you must keep a journal of your trip,  this journal is a day by day of your journey discussing everything that you do on the vacation.  It should include travel arrangement, hotels you stayed at, Costs of the hotel, and exchange rates, and you must also discuss the site that you saw. Be sure to give detail as to what each site is, why it is important, and a few good facts about it.  Your journal should cover somewhere between 8- 10 days.                                              First Draft Due April 30th 

                                                                                    Second Draft Due May 13th,

                                                                                    Final Due May 20th   

                4) Video Slide show. For the final portion of this project you will bring together your journal with pictures that turn into your vacation slide show.  You must have pictures or film of all of the sites you see, your hotel, and each of your meals. Be sure to collect photos as you research for you will need them in your video slideshow.  This slide show should be between 6-10 minutes, no less and no more.                               Due June 1st


More handouts will come for this project. Much of it will be done outside of class. You may work in pairs. This will be a large part of your grade this quarter.


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