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for 4th Quarter Sophmores need to begin fulfilling thier civic duty of being an informed Citiczen, to build this habit Students are required to begin reading the news paper and journaling about it to stay informed.

4th Quarter Newspaper Project

Mr. Simpson          

For the next several weeks you will be expected to read the newspaper very faithfully. You will make a scrapbook of various articles you have cut out of the newspaper. If you do not receive a newspaper at home you will have access to one at school. The scrap book can be made out of notebook paper. It does not have to be anything elaborate.

            The Scrapbook will be divided into four specific sections.

Section One- This section will be entitled Government of the United States. In this section you will place articles dealing with the federal government and the people in it. Ant articles dealing with the President, House of Representatives, Senate, Supreme Court, Cabinet, etc., will be acceptable in this section. (15 articles)

Section Two- This section will be entitled Foreign Affairs. In this section you may include any article dealing with a country other than the United States. Obviously, the article should be on something significant. (15 Articles)

Section Three- This section will be entitled Oregon Government. Any article dealing with the government of the state of Oregon, Umatilla County, or the city of Pendleton will be acceptable. (10 Articles)

Section Four- This section will be entitled General News. This section would include any news other than political news that is going on in the United States or other countries. You may include editorials, general interest stories, or disaster stories if you wish. (10 Articles)


Directions for the Scrapbook:

1)      The scrapbook may be made out of any material you wish.

2)      You are expected to cut a few articles from the paper each week. Do not cut all 50 articles out in one or two weeks.

3)      Each specific section of the scrapbook should be clearly labeled.

4)      As you place each individual article in the scrapbook you will:

A)     Number the article as it pertains to that section (1pt.)

B)     Place a date in which the article appeared in the newspaper (1pt.)

C)     Name the newspaper the article was taken from (1pt)

D)     Write a brief summary of the article, explaining specifically what the article was (1pt) about. Don’t just write the heading, tell exactly what the main point of the article was. A decent summary will be 4-5 good sentences. (2pts)   

5)      You may include an EXTRA CREDIT section to the scrapbook if you wish. This section may consist of up to ten articles on any subject you wish. (2pts. each article)

6)      Set up a study schedule and follow it. This is a difficult assignment only if you put it off until the last few weeks.  This assignment will be worth 300 Points


This is DUE: Tuesday May 31   or Monday May 23rd for 25 Points Extra Credit

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