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Country Cereal Box Project


Directions: for the following project you will need to remake a cereal box to present information from a country of your choice in the middle east. Your Project will include several aspects, however all six side of the box must be covered. You may decorate the box in anyway you see fit, but one short side must contain country facts, similar to those of a cereal box’s nutrition facts. All other areas of the box can be decorated as you see fit but must contain the following:


Nutrition Facts must include: 

Country name               Total Population           Area (Sq. Miles)           Capital             Pop. Of Capital

Absolute Location of capital                  Largest city                   Largest city population  Languages

Average Life Expectancy          Head of State               Date of Origin               Political system

Human Development Index       Urban pop. %              Pop. Rise % Year         % of Pop. Under 15

Number of Internet Users         Literacy Rate                size of standing Military Per capita GDP

Currency          Main Import     Main Export                 List & % of Ethnic Groups        List & % of Religions 


Other aspect that must be found on the box:

1)Pictures of:  1) Political Map     2)Flag    3) Currency     4) yearly Climograph  5) landscape  


2)  Recent History: (1-2 paragraphs): what important events have happened in this country in     the last 10 years; change in government, war, social movements, and ext.


3) Leisure Activities: what do people in this country do for fun? What is there to do for tourists?


4) Geographical feature: describe 2-3 important and prominent geographical features    


5) Three other interesting facts: what facts did you find about the country you think others should know 





Project is information:               70 Points 

Creativity and neatness                10 Points

Overall                                       80 Points


DUE:          December 17th 2012


Extra Credit: Create a 1 minute commercial to present to the class about your Cereal:

   15 points possible

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