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This is where i post all of my old "what i'm up to"  so i can remember where i've been

 The Week of 10-31-06 (HALLOWEEN)
Hey Everyone
well it's halloween. and unfortunatly i am sick and won't be able to go a scare the little children. maybe i'll relax at home and watch scary movies. YEsah. and play maple story, for those of you who don't know it's an online game i have gotten into. besides the hit tv show HEROS, it's my latest addiction. be sides that i am still working at the DEQ, and going to school, but learning alot in some of my classes, so far history of Africa and philosophy of ISlam are the two i am doing well in so far. so stay up keep rocking. and leave me a message

WHAT GOING ON THIS WEEK!(or so ?)   5-16-06
Wow this is the first time i have updated in almost a year! thats Myspace for me i guess, it's alot easier and more people visite the site! so lets see i'm a senior Now one more year, and then student Teaching and i will be free... kinda. i'm spending the summer in hlena i had  a few classes to take, and i'm working at the DEQ. i now have facebook along with myspace so if you have either look me up and add me! right now i'm just working through the summer, taking classes, and trying to organize some sweet summer events as Programing board president. i Hope to have alot of Fun!  

hey web surfers, just thought i'd drop a quick line i know it's been awhile but i thought i would say hi! things are ok i guess, ok not really, i'm sick and i hate it. i just want ot sleep and wake up a year fomr now or something. anyways i added a new page to the site, it's my blogs fomr my space, i just pasted them on here in case someone wanted to see them. then it's easyer, and in case myspace gets deleated or something, i'll still always have them. as for the site, well. i guess we'll see what happens to it, i mite do ALOT of changes if my life dons't pick up a bit soon, as one last try keep up web surfers

Yo party people in the place to be
How is every one today? i'm dandy i guess, this back to school thin hasn't killed me yet. and i don't think it will. well the  school part of it any way, the weather mite! i'm in a cold place right now thats for sure. literally, and metaphorically.  but atleast i try to main tain warmth in myself. not to much going on today though. i got to school safe, so did every one else i know, so thats fantastic. and my classes arn't too scary. i'm all moved into my office hours so if your in the helena area come on by and visit. i'm hear monday - friday at 11 Am, and pretty much any other time i don't have a class or something. so thats all for now, keep it reall, and check out my Myspace profile for more recent events. get the link in the cool stuff :) peace

wow, it's been along time, i shouldn't of left you, with out an update to step to, step to a step to, any ways hows it going, you know i wonder if people ever really look at my site, i mean really i get about 2 e-mails a year thats it, i don't even think my freinds check out my site any more, i guess that my fault for not updateing it, i try though people! any ways, happy thanks giving to every bodyi hope your all doing great, i'm going to saty here in helena for thanks giving, i have to work, man that kinda sucks, but ohh well, i'll see my fam over xmas. well i am now the New ASCC Treseurer at Carroll for all ya'll to know, it's pretty cool, and new and exiting. i had a kick ass time at a leader ship thing in portland, and met some great people, makes my wish i went to Western in the first place sometime. so for all you youngsters, be sure and make the right choice about your college, there are alot of things to think about. any who, i'm just peachy, and i hope you all are too, i don't have any knew pics, but i will be working of then OK so have a good one, and getterdone !  

goood morning internet buddies, about time i updated my site again i guess, i'v been pretty busy lately, classes, work, and a one act performance that i have to do tomarrow, i'll be glad when it's over. i finished ll my evil midterms, man it was tuff, and last weeks homecommign was great, our football team won, but i had to work so i couldn't go to the game. But i had something better! i coached a powder puff football team for homecomming we took a tuff fourth, But we did great for a buch of hot freshmen, and a lould sophmore. i was very happy for all of them !, now i just want tomarrow to be over so i can enjoy my fall break and maybe sit out in the sun for a while and relax, that'll e nice ! so for all you out there and cyber land take it easy, and look for  soem more updates comming next week :)

Hey everone well school has started again and i'm really looking forward to the up and coming year. so far i've been able to really take alot out of my classes. i also just got a job, working cashier for a gas station here in helena, that'll be nice to have a lil extra income. i like my new living arangments, even though i have alot of stairs to climb it's cool. even though i usueally never sleep in my room ;) but who knows, that could change with my new schedual. other than that news everything is oky dokey i guess. i just want to say good luck to my cousin james in his senoir year, as well as all of my new little brothers from upward Bound.. Make me prould ... PS meet my boys in the picture section of my web site.. untill the next epasode adios ! 

Ola cyber buddys, it's summer time which means i have to be put to work, so mite as well do some thing fun right? i am, i'm here in colorado working with upward bound, it's a summer program for native american kids, i was a student in it back in the day, now i'm in charge of a little group of guys my self. so far so good, i have long hours though and i get tired, but i like it, it'll give me a little experince working with kids. i miss my girlfreind though. but yea i'll be here for about 5 more weeks, then i get to go home finally. i hope i'll be able to get paid enouph to pay for school a bit. but yea i don't have any new pics up yet, all i been doing is working and hanging out with the other RAs most of them are cool. well party peaopl i hope you have a fun tiem snooping around, i'll catch ya'll later. so please, e-mail me this summer K :) peace out... and shout out to my cousin eddie, his birthday was yesterday

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