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thought hurt my head!
well i haven't had a new thought in some time, and i've been through alot, mostly i just think that thought itself is a pain in the ass! i mean i can never make a good decision but cuase i have to thnk about things, and then there are all thses other thoughts and i can never seem to make up my mind any more, i space out alot, this darn liberal arts education is screwing my up, and it's all the fault of socrates, he tells us to question question question, now all i do is question my self, DAM THE MAN i say but ohh well, i guess it's all good, i wish i had all the answers though, and i don't, it sucks, really, and i think i have some dissorder, cause i always want to make every body happy, and like me, like i hate it when people don't like me for some reason ya know. but any ways more on that later maybe, the rest of you can give it some thought  

July,4, 2004
i think todays thoughts are on heros, why, because i think people need heros. the one thing most people choose to forget is that anyone can be a hero. some are inspired to step up in a time of need, others by real heros, and some heros just know they can help, and would sacrifice personal happyness, for the well being of others. but ofcourse most heros don't just wake up one day and decide to be heros, but they start as something else, go through a trial, if you will. most come from humble, antihero beginnings, they first walkthe path of revenge... Batman, Robin, spiderman, daredevil, even some of our nations troops, joined for a chance of revenge. many lost loved ones, sacrificed, know pain, sometimes even if you have all the power in the world, you still can't save everyone, but why is it that the one you can't always protect, is usually the one you care the most about. the path of the hero is often hard and loney, causeing most to look the other way. and when your personal hero isn't there when you need them the most, who will step up? i challenge YOU! to step up. the next time you see someone in need, or something isn't quite right do something about it. someone will proubly thank you for being there when they could not! throught pain we can rise and learn. i choose the path of the hero from this day forth. i know that there may always people out there who would wish me harm for fighting for the right but if i can spread the idea it is worth it! maybe someday i will have the chance to take revenge and harm those would harm another. i think that given the chance i canot say i would act justly, or that it would change anything, but who cares revenge can be the great motovator in the rise of any hero. trust me it is better to act on the right than to wait to realize you are powerless in many cases. so helpout your fellow hero, and be someon elese hero, even if you don't know them, thier hero could help you out and protect someone you care about. we all have a little hero in us... and a little villin, but try to have the hero shine when needed the most. even if all it is, is speaking up, sometimes people only need to be reminded that thier wrong. and if i'm ever given the chance some people will never forget when they were wrong. and regret it FOREVER !  

What we know of time
     they say that art imatates life, but sometimes life can imatate art. if this is true can i imatate art as well, and if so ... change my life. i've always wondered if i could go back ot change things what i would do, there would be so many thing i'd wanna fix. but if i already knew th results.. would i? it's farly easy to say that i have gone through enouph tramma in my life, but yet here i am today alive, and rather well, atleast i hope so..   i don't know what my future has in store for me, but yet at times it hurts to remember the past. repressed memoreis are repressed for a reason, but what if my memoreis never happend what if i changed it, but how? things could be worse. if i went to try and save my family would i even existe? would my brother and sisters. i know people can have positive impacts on our lives. but maybe sometimes haveing never of known them would be better.  i know where i am now, but where i've been is still blurry, and where i'm going is a total mystery. ...... but the question is still in my head..  if i could change things...... should i ? 

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