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first i have a link to another Rory Simpson in Scotland his site is
I donno about some of you but i'm big on poker, so here are a few links to osme of the sites i play at, my call name is Roryeno, so bring it on, i love the ladies, Q, Q
if you want oto get in touch iwth people online thisis oneof the best ways to do it. check it out
this is a great site for games! it has all kinds, it's free and you can win great prizes !
this is a fun online game.. you can try it out.. but i've kinda lost interest
this isn't a game, it's a site FULL of games
most are basic, but it's still fun
some games form the lego site, more fun
this site is the best, it has links to all kinds of funny stuff.. check it out
i suggest useing the auto talking it's fun to play with especially on the phone
this site is awsome i love strongbad emails, it's a great place to go when your board!
this site is fun to take tests, a great place to go to waste time
another great invention from the people at, cool test whoo hoo
well those are it for now, how did you like them check out my music below

ok so i use to know how to put music on here but i forgot, but i still have some old!!!!! music on here


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